Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Message Concerning ICF Credential Enhancements

On January 21 to 23, the ICF Board of Directors met for its annual strategic meeting. I invite you to read this month’s Coaching World newsletter, which will feature an article that will give you a better understanding of our commitment to the membership and organizational wholeness, and the organization’s strategic focus, including 2010 priorities.

Among the various topics on the agenda, the Board addressed the proposed changes to the current ICF Credentialing program. The Board reviewed all the comments received from members and stakeholders in the period from October to December 2009, including the input of the Lunch & Learn forum held in Orlando during the ICF Annual International Conference. We acknowledge that all the input received helped us realize that there are areas of concern that have to be addressed including two fundamental questions: 1) what is the purpose for the credentialing system and 2) whose task shall it be to develop a proposal to enhance our current credentialing system?

To summarize, the Board discussed and decided the following:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Challenges in the New Year


This new year starts with a number of challenges for the ICF Board of Directors to tackle. The most topical one regards the future of our credentialing program. While we are witnessing several other organizations offer credentials, an increasing number of universities launching their BAs in coaching, and starting to smell the strong odor of regulation temptation in several areas of the world, we feel a huge responsibility. We are accountable for balancing the legitimate expectations and worries of our diverse membership with the challenge of pioneering the future of coaching. We understand the importance that the enhancements of our current credentialing program will have. Doing this well will ensure that ICF continues to be healthy and that the coaching profession prospers to a greater consideration and reputation.